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Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal


Royal hotel is a place that provides you the right ambiance to relax and enjoy your memorable days in Kodaikanal. Royal hotel is located in the middle of the beautiful Princess of Hill Station. A day spent here will never be disappointed and all the days will heal your soul and energize your days. The best place to invest your precious days. Royal hotel will always hold a place in your heart next time when you think about holidays. To book our rooms, give us a call at 7502345777 or can even ping us on Whatsapp. We are always waiting for your arrival and to see you being happy.

Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal

Where are we Located?

Our location is Laws Ghat Road, near Zion School, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu in the middle of the beauty of Kodaikanal. Other sightseeing places for you to explore near us are Kodaikanal Lake 1.5 km, Bryant park 1.5 km, cockers walk 1.5 km.

Getting down…

Take a look at our facilities and book your rooms without any delay.

Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal
Royal Hotel in Kodaikanal

Standard rooms

Strictly 2 people per room
10*10 square feet room
A Double Cot Bed
Two chairs
Dressing Table
Windows for scenic shots
Clean curtains
Door mats
Comfortable beds
Blankets and Pillows

Basics that are completely free with your bookings!

Parking Facility
Campfire Space
Reception area
Attached Bathroom & Restroom
Clean and Attached restrooms and washrooms
Hygienic drinking water
Attached Television
Room service
Water Heater
Window with good ventilation
Common Space
Water Heater
1 Electrical socket per room
Power backup up to 8 hours

Exclusive Amenities

Room decorations
Laundry/Washing machine
Sightseeing Facilities
Travel facilities

Other Instructions:

  • You can either book our entire property by booking all our accommodations if your troop is large enough or can also book a particular accommodation whichever suits your needs and size. There is no compulsion that you should order food from us. You can always explore the local food and are allowed to roam around the Princess of Hillstation.
  • The exclusive facilities will have extra charges whereas the general facilities and room-specific facilities will not incur any extra charges.
  • We also provide travel arrangements to travel from your location or for local sightseeing. You can make use of them if needed.
  • For availability of rooms, please contact at 7502345777 before reaching Kodaikanal.
  • Please do not damage the property or the belongings of the property. If damaged, please bear the charges to fix them.