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First thing to consider is the pleasant place with peaceful environment for the perfect outing in kodaikanal. Comfort is the second thing to consider before choosing the cottages. We offer different types of cottages to the travelers according to their needs and comfort.

For Travelers who love adventure can avail Forest Cottages or Nature Cottages. It would be an astound idea as they can hike near their cottages and explore the nature not far from their cottage. You can get cottages near pine forest area. You can go hike in Dolphin nose mountain waterfalls. You can get permit from forest department and explore Berijam Lake and it is surrounding medicine forest (It has snakes, panthers, Bisons and hallucinogenic trees).It will be a thrilled experience with our Kodaikanal Valley Tour for the adventure seekers.

For Families who would prefer safe , we have personalized Family Cottages and Gate Cottages. You can select your own cottages with all of your family's needs. Gate cottage is the perfect choice for the parents who have kids. We offer all the personalized Kodaikanal Picnic Tour to the family to make their stay memorable. Having fun is the only thing that the families need to do. We will do the rest of the things from our amazing collection of cottages. You can have family get together in family cottages with spacious lawn. Family members can have the walk around the kodaikanal lake and Bryant Park. Family members can have a good time in the park's water dancing and watch the different collection of flowers.

For lone travelers who don't like the hotels, we have something for you too. We have Lonely Cottages with all the amenities and make your stay beyond your expectations. You can take a walk by yourself or explore the kodai city. You can take the cottages in la saleth road area in and around. You can go and visit the Vattakanal Water Falls and La saleth church. You can hike in poombarai village which is surrounded by reserve forest and it is a quiet place for the lone travelers.

For the couple who is willing to explore, it would be perfect to go for Independent Villas for spending the happy time with your loved ones. You can choose cottages in lake area and it would be helpful for boat riding, cycling, and shopping to make memories with your partner. Our Berijam tour provide a private romantic time during your stay.

For people who love heritage and science, You can get Nature Cottages with vintage interior from our website. It would be even better when you take the cottage in shembaganur village as it has Shembaganur Museum of Natural History you can travel to Kodaikanal Solar Observatory.

For office meeting or get together with friends, We are here to fulfill all your needs and fill your memories with our services. You can choose 7 bed room cottages with lawn for parties. We have the best event coordinators, delicious food and all the party arrangements. We have customized cottages only for parties, business meetings and get together. As you can see your official visit will turn into happy holidays.

For Destination wedding and functions, you can take the entire cottage for your family and friends. We will help you out with all the arrangements. Have you ever wondered how it will be to get married inside the forest cottage lawn? It will be possible, if you are with us. Our Kodaikanal Cottages will take you through the happy wedding memories.

For School trips and tours you can select one of the cool cottages or Kodaikanal Dormitory for your group stay. We will organize parties and fun filled events for the kids to enjoy the nature. You can have a bon fire concerts outside of the cottages. You can expect nothing but privacy and peaceful stay from our cottage homes.

For spiritual persons, we offer cottages near spiritual centers for your convenience. Kodaikanal has the most iconic spiritual places, cathedrals, Mosques and temples like Kurinji Andavar Temple, Kudhanthai Velappar Temple, La Saleth Church, Sacred heart church, CSI Christ the king church. You can even buy the holy items from ancient times in these places.

For Aged persons, we specially have Sightseeing Cottagess with peaceful atmosphere. You can have the great holidays and happy moments. You can take long walk along the church road and enjoy the scenery. We are fulfilling all the needs requested by the Aged customers. If you plan a trip with your parents, reach our kodaikanal cottages for the best cottages for all ages.

Kodaikanal has its own small villages like thandikudi, pannaikadu, Machur, Perumal malai, Poombarai, Mannavanur and Sembaganur which will be comfortable for trekking, hiking and field trips. These areas have Government Cottages which will be available in our kodaikanal cottages. Our team will ready to arrange the Kodaikanal Village Tour at affordable price.

Planning a family vacation or trip with friends are the memories to be cherished in our lifetime. Make those memories with our cottages when you visit kodai hills.