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Starry nights

Starry nights are the best glamp site which is situated in the senbahanoor Kodaikanal.Tourists will surely get a good

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Xacro xperience is the best farm stay in the hill regions of Kodaikanal. We have family-friendly and couple-friendly.

Into The Wild Wooden House Kodaikanal

Into The Wild Wooden House

Wild Wood House is the most beautiful Adventure stay in Kodaikanal and offers

Into The Wild Wooden House Kodaikanal

Tree House

Nestled among the scenic landscape of Kodaikanal, our gorgeous tree house is just 22 kilometers away from the busy city. A tranquil retreat from the

Into The Wild Wooden House Kodaikanal

Valley of Happy

Experience a special and adventurous stay at our tent accommodation, located just 12 kilometres away from the dynamic city.

Kodaikanal Tent Stay

Every adventurous traveler loves to have camped in the Kodaikanal. We provide the Kodaikanal tent stay for all the tourists to enjoy the wildlife, waterfalls, and forest life. Kodaikanal is the right tourist spot which has a constantly cool climate throughout the whole year. So, every person wishes to explore the Kodaikanal hill station every year. Kodaikanal Tent Stay is completely different from hotels, cottages, and the room stays. We offer an off-road jeep safari to view the streams, natural landscapes, and waterfalls.


Tent Stay in Kodaikanal

All our tents stay in Kodaikanal are located in the highest position, which makes sure it is safe and paves the way to take amazing pics of the Kodaikanal hill station. Our tent stays is cozy and airy which gives an amazing local view. Our tent stay in Kodaikanal brings togetherness among the life partners, family members, or group members. Whether you are searching for a special and dreamy hill station vacation at Kodaikanal, then, you are at the perfect spot to enjoy the wilderness, and luxury stay. We have various tent stay packages includes such as accommodation, food, transportation facility, and also sharing tents at a reasonable price. Don’t miss this chance to experience the stunning viewpoints of western ghats and have a tent and stay away from the bustle and hustle of city life.

Kodaikanal Poombarai Tent Stay

Poombarai is a popular place for watching the sunrise and trekking. We provide the budget-friendly Kodaikanal Poombarai tent stay. You will experience unforgettable beautiful memories with our services such as private waterfalls, jeep safari, campfire and music, blanket, pillow, sunrise hiking, restroom facilities, sunset trekking, coffee/tea, valley view, 3 times delicious food, and sleeping bag. Our Poombarai tent stay helps travelers to see the amazing sightseeing from the comfort of their beds. All our tent stay includes blankets and comfortable luxury beds. We never allow our tourists to drink and smoke inside the tents. We have designed the eco-sensitive zone so; that tourist should not have any litter. Kindly, do not make trouble and damage the wildlife.

Camping in Kodaikanal

We offer the best Kodaikanal camp stay for all the tourists. At our camping site, you can able to view the orange plantations and coffee plantations. We also provide the adventures Kodaikanal camp stay for every biker and traveller. With our camping stay, people can utilize all our amenities such as Free Wi-Fi, 3 times meal, campfire, restroom, all activities, and 24/7 room service. Let’s ready to enjoy the beautiful camping in Kodaikanal. And forget all your work pressure, family stress, target anxiety, and all issues in your life. By booking a Kodaikanal camp stay, you will experience joy and happiness during your vacation.

Dome Tent Kodaikanal

If you are searching for the best dome tent in Kodaikanal, then we are here to serve you. Kodaikanal tent stay is a reputed tour operator which helps you to get all your travelling needs from staying to returning to your place. We have constructed all dome tent Kodaikanal with international standards and certified. Moreover, we also have a personalized dome tent Kodaikanal for our tourists. We offer professional guidance, timely service, food, free internet, and other things in our dome tent Kodaikanal. Our dome stay makes you enjoy the outdoors of Kodaikanal from the well-protected space. Moreover, you can personalize your dome tent Kodaikanal based on your requirements. It will be one of the cheapest options for people who want to stay on a lower budget.

Camp Stay in Kodaikanal

Our campsite is situated in the mesmerizing location of Kodaikanal. You will surely enjoy the wonderful camp stay experience with us. It is an incredible experience to treasure the Kodaikanal forest with the exotic fauna and flora. Enjoy the great moment. We have various destinations to camp and stay in Kodaikanal over dolphin nose. You can easily view the clear sky and refreshing greenery from your camp stay itself. All our camp stays are secure, safe, and family-friendly with the food and washroom facility. We offer interesting dining options and are near to tourist spots. You can also park your vehicles free of cost comfortably at our campsites Kodaikanal. Newly married couples and nature lovers can have the best photoshoots at our campsites during the morning, and evening time.

Camp Fire in Kodaikanal

We will organize the best campfire at the night in Kodaikanal. Our campground gives the best camper’s experience with the bird watching and adventure opportunities with the pleasant vacation in Kodaikanal. We offer personal campfire spaces all over each tent. Many of our tourists drive on the guided pear farm tour, when the dusk deepens, the travellers will come back for an amazing campfire, and we provide them barbeque at the night-time. We will conduct a campfire before 9. pm which will last for only two hours based on the government policy. We will provide snacks and dinner during the campfire for every traveller. Most couples, colleges, and office groups always take our campfire option to include the great moments in your vacation time. Some of our cottages, hotels, or tent stays provide music along with the campfire for entertainment and fun.

Camping Kodaikanal

Staying in the clamping in the centre of Kodaikanal farm with incredible trails and breathtaking views. Clamping means glamorous camping which helps us to see the outdoor view with all the facilities. Our glamping stay is environmentally-friendly which helps the travelers to get rejuvenated, relax, and connects with nature. Travelers can delight in the symphony of crippling birds, misty hill stations, and fresh air. We also offer themed glamorous camping domes. We have plenty of luxury and economy glamping in Kodaikanal. We have different sizes and shapes of glamping stay in Kodaikanal. It is 100% worth traveling and glamping in this Kodaikanal. We hope our stays will satisfy your soul, eyes, and stomach. You will enjoy the calmness and beauty of the nature retreat in Kodaikanal. Just spend your valuable time with us at Kodaikanal. Get ready for the awesome camping experience.