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Wanna explore more of Kodaikanal, and then reach us near Naidupuram for the best experience. Pleasant Home stay promises a unique kind of stay especially loved by everyone who stayed there till now. It is one of the best home stays with amazing reviews. Home where our heart belongs, once you stay there you could never get back your heart. You can’t find a place like a Pleasant home stay for you to stay you’ll always come searching for us every time when you are in Kodaikanal. The Pleasant home stay is the best place for you to bring your loved ones for an unforgettable trip annually. You could never resist the beauty of the mountain valley view from our stay every day when you wake up. The sound of birds and smooth blowing wind would make you feel energized and refreshed. Pleasant Home stay is best to recharge yourself from all negative vibes. A day here would give you memories of a thousand pleasant days. The name itself holds pleasant in it and it is truly what it gives. It is mostly preferred by trekking groups for unknown and hidden treasures near this home stay and becomes a perfect option for hosting camps too. They have many beautiful adventurous places to explore at least once in your life. Let our Pleasant Home stay be the abode of all your happiness, enjoyment, and memories.


Naidupuram,Rifle range road, Kodaikanal.Sightseeing places near us are Kodaikanal lake 1km, Chettiar park 2km, Kurunji Andavar temple 2km from our place.


  • Parking Sufficient
  • Multilingual Caretaker
  • Emergency Medical Kit
  • Public Toilets Available On Arrival
  • Queen Sized Cots
  • Super Comfortable Beds
  • Clean And Attached Restrooms And Washrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Hygienic Drinking Water
  • Attached Tv In Every Room
  • 1 Electrical Socket Per Room
  • Children’s Park
  • Doormats
  • Balcony
  • Window with Good Ventilation
  • Shuttle Services for Sightseeing
  • Water Heater
  • Terrace

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