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Planning succeeds in executing. That way after planning everything about exploring Kodaikanal but ended up being stuck in how to reach Kodaikanal and the way to reach your favourite hotspot?.As there are not much trains available to reach Kodaikanal most of the visitors prefer traveling in their private vehicles or cab services or public transports as per its availability. Kodai Road, situated around 80 km away from the main town of Kodaikanal, is the nearest railway station. Mostly trains from Madurai and Trichy run to Kodai Road. This is the only railway station in Kodaikanal for all its visitors. Its hilly geographic location makes it a little difficult for trains to reach and the travel by cabs and other services are not bad, rather it’s more valuable and helps explore Kodaikanal to a maximum extent. There are 21 hairpin bends through the path of Kodaikanal which makes your journey more adventurous.

The fastest train to Kodai road from Madurai is 02638 Mdu Ms Exp. From Madurai, the train takes 28min hours to reach Kodai Road.

From Chennai to Kodai Road, the cheapest train is 16129 Ms. Tn Link Exp. To travel from Chennai to Kodaikanal, the train takes 6hr 42min. This train runs on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

The train that runs first from Coimbatore to Kodai Road is 06322 Cbe Ncj Express. From Coimbatore, it arrives at Kodai Road taking almost 5hr 43min hours.

However, after reaching Kodai Road, you will have to take a cab or taxi to reach the hill station. Surpassing via the Ghat Roads, we promise you a surreal beauty of views at the top of the hill with the little town called Kodaikanal.

For the people who love to travel by bus or for the one who loves to save money, there are public and private transports which helps you to reach Kodaikanal. The first bus from Madurai to Kodaikanal starts at 07:35 and is operated by STC Travels and Holidays. The last bus leaves Madurai at 07:35 hours operated by STC Travels and Holidays. The minimum bus ticket booking fare is Rs 300/- and goes up to Rs 353/- depending on the bus type and bus partner you have chosen.

For cab services to reach Kodaikanal either from Kodai Road or from your place, there are many economical cabs that are available as fast as possible. To know about cab services contact on 7502345777.

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