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Sankar Cottage Kodaikanal

Sankar’s Cottage a hidden gem in the heart of Kodaikanal, beckons you to a world of luxury and tranquillity. This enchanting bungalow boasts five meticulously designed bedrooms, with three bedrooms on the first floor and two on the ground floor, each paired with a spacious hall for your ultimate comfort. It is more than just a cottage; it is a place where dreams of serenity and natural beauty come true.
First Floor: On the first floor of Sankars Cottage, you'll discover a welcoming haven with three elegantly appointed bedrooms. Each bedroom offers a cozy sanctuary, perfect for rejuvenation after a day of exploration. Adjacent to these bedrooms, there's a spacious hall, a hub for family gatherings and cherished moments.
Ground Floor: The ground floor continues the journey of luxury with two more bedrooms, ensuring ample space and comfort for all your guests. A hall on this floor provides a separate retreat for relaxation, ensuring privacy and serenity for everyone in your group.
Sankars Cottage enjoys an enviable location, perfectly balanced between proximity to the city and seclusion from its hustle and bustle. Situated just 6.5 kilometres away from the city canter, it offers the convenience of easy access to Kodaikanal's attractions while affording you the luxury of a tranquil and peaceful escape.
Premium Stay:
Sankars Cottage is not just a place to stay; it is a premium experience. From its elegant design to the comfort it offers, this bungalow is designed to exceed your expectations. Its premium status extends to the warm hospitality, the modern amenities, and the stunning surroundings, making it a destination.
Breathtaking Views and Peaceful Retreat:
If you are seeking breathtaking views of the Kodaikanal landscape and a truly peaceful retreat, Sankars Cottage is the ideal choice. Perched during nature's splendour, it offers uninterrupted vistas of the rolling hills and a serene ambiance. Wake up to the gentle caress of fresh mountain air and unwind to the symphony of nature's melody.
In Sankars Cottage, you'll find not just a place to stay, but a sanctuary for the soul. If you yearn for a respite from the daily grind and a chance to immerse yourself in nature's beauty, this cottage is your answer.
Book your stay today and let Sankars Cottage be your gateway to an unforgettable Kodaikanal experience.


  • Parking
  • Multilingual caretaker
  • Hygienic drinking water
  • Queen sized cots
  • Super comfortable beds
  • Clean and attached restrooms and washrooms
  • Emergency medical kit
  • Pre-ordered homemade food (4 hrs)
  • Attached TV in all room
  • Terrace and garden
  • 1 electrical socket per room
  • Outdoor relaxation space
  • Children’s park
  • Doormats
  • Water heater
  • Windows with good ventilation
  • Balcony in 1 room
  • Delicious south Indian food
  • Campfire
  • Barbeque setup

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