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Sri Sai Cottage Kodaikanal

Srisai Cottage, an elegant and spacious eight-bedroom house, beckons you to a world of comfort, charm, and breath-taking views. With a well-thought-out layout comprising three bedrooms and a hall on each of its two floors, this cottage offers the perfect balance of seclusion and community.
What truly sets Srisai Cottage apart is that each of its cozy bedrooms opens to a perfect balcony view, inviting you to revel in the picturesque surroundings. Located a convenient 6.5 kilometers from Kodaikanal city, it is the ultimate destination for a peaceful, home-like retreat.
Bedroom Layout:
Eight Bedrooms: Srisai Cottage is a sprawling property with eight thoughtfully designed bedrooms that can accommodate a group of any size. The bedrooms are not just places to sleep; they are inviting sanctuaries that promise restful nights and picturesque mornings.
Balcony Views: Every bedroom at Srisai Cottage comes with its own private balcony, offering the perfect spot to savour your morning coffee while soaking in the breath taking vistas of the Kodaikanal landscape.
Srisai Cottage is ideally situated, offering you the convenience of easy access to the city's attractions while ensuring a serene and peaceful stay away from the city's hustle and bustle. It is the best of both worlds.
Homemade Food:
At Srisai Cottage, you are not just a guest; you are family. The cottage takes pride in serving delicious homemade food that is not only comforting but also a reflection of the warmth and hospitality you'll experience throughout your stay. You can relish traditional and delectable meals that are sure to enhance your overall experience.
Peaceful Retreat:
If you are seeking a tranquil and soothing retreat, Srisai Cottage is the perfect choice. Here, you can bask in the quietude of the natural surroundings, rejuvenate your senses, and escape the noise and chaos of daily life. It is a place where you can truly unwind and find peace.
Your Home Away from Home:
Srisai Cottage is not just a place to stay; it is a home away from home, where comfort, natural beauty, and homemade culinary delights come together to create a memorable and fulfilling experience.
Book your stay today and allow Srisai Cottage to be your gateway to an idyllic and peaceful Kodaikanal retreat.



  • Parking
  • Multilingual caretaker
  • Hygienic drinking water
  • Queen sized cots
  • Super comfortable beds
  • Clean and attached restrooms and washrooms
  • Emergency medical kit
  • Pre-ordered homemade food (4 hrs)
  • Attached TV in all room
  • Terrace and garden
  • 1 electrical socket per room
  • Outdoor relaxation space
  • Children’s park
  • Doormats
  • Water heater
  • Windows with good ventilation
  • Balcony in 1 room
  • Delicious south indian food
  • Campfire
  • Barbeque setup

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