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CottagesKodaikanal Resorts and Cottages in kodaikanal are very rare to see getting listed in any other top websites.We bring you the Best ever Cottages in Kodaikanal for lovable stay with your family and friends. Take a look at our 35+ cottages with premium amenities.

We are proud to showcase you our wide variety of cottages at kodaikanal which ensures you the best staying experience with your family and Friends with affordable price. And we do have cottages with kitchen for cooking needs which will be helpful for families to make use of their personalised needs to feed their belongings. Among our lists of cottages we do have cottages which are located very close to the lake as well .Since crossed 1000’s of customers over the decade we know the demand of cottages near kodaikanal lake which are the most favourite among the family audience

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Kodaikanal Cottages Lowest Prices

Just like the unbelievable views of the Princess of Hillstation, we at CottagesKodaikanal provide our services at unbelievable and lowest prices possible. With more than 20 years of experience in the same industry serving at more than 5 hill stations, we understand the needs and preferences of our customers and have curated only the topmost cottages in Kodaikanal exclusively for you!

Ganapathy Homestay kodaikanal

Ganapathy Homestay

What more can a person demand than staying near Kodaikanal Lake and in a clean property like Ganapathy Homestay!

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Ajisha Cottage Kodaikanal

Ajisha Cottage

Ajisha Cottages, a home away from your home is always the best accommodation a family or a small friends gang can ask for.

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budget homestay in kodaikanal

Suja Cottage

Suja Cottage,the most preferred and suitable for nature lovers and people who want to stay away from bustling horns and traffic of the boring

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Blue Valley Cottage Kodaikanal

Blue Valley Cottage

Blue Valley Cottage, the most suitable for people who want to take a rest from the sounds and pollution. It is more like an independent villa than the normal rooms.

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Sai Cottage Kodaikanal

Sai Cottage

Sai Cottage is one of the best cottage in Kodaikanal for the vacation stay away from your busy schedule.We’ve crafted a host of wonderful experiences so you with your loved

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Bullz Wood House Kodaikanal

Bullz Wood House

Are you a nature lover? Then you have found the correct place to spend your beautiful days. Bullz wood Cottage, the most preferred and suitable for nature lovers

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Best Cottages in Kodaikanal

Hospitality and beauty at one place can be found at our cottages in Kodaikanal. Every cottage listed on this website has been earlier visited by our own team members, examined all the facilities provided, and then decided whether to feature them or not. So, trust us when we say this- ‘There can be many established players in this industry. But we value our customers and give the best cottages in Kodaikanal’.

best cottages in kodaikanal
cottages in kodaikanal for group stay
vattakanal cottages
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kodaikanal tour package for couple

Travel Arrangements

We offer Long and Short Distance Pick up and Drop Services for all customers.


Our rooms offer comfortable accommodation with free Wi-Fi, central heating etc.


We have exclusive dormitory stay facilities for our customers as well.

Parking Slot

All our Cottages has a wide car parking slot which helps visitors to make their automobiles park safer and comfortable. Even a 20 seater van can be accommodated with our available parking slots without any chaos.

24/7 Housekeeping

Among all amenities housekeeping is highly utilized facility by the visitors. We care about our visitors a lot and we have highly qualified and friendly housekeepers who will be available 24/7 awaiting for your call.

Wifi facilities

In all our Cottages you can experience uninterrupted & High-speed Wi-fi facility which can be connected with all your devices like laptop/Mobile/Tablets/etc. And we have multiple charging portals can be utilized for any devices

Multilingual Staff

Since Kodaikanal has diversified visitors from all over the country we make sure our cottages has staff who are well versed in communicating with multiple languages which includes hindi, kannada, Malayalam, telugu, etc


For visitors convenience we have our own restaurants at our most the cottages which you browse here. We have both Veg and Non veg Combinations of Food for all three timings (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Cottage Experience

Since Cottages Kodaikanal have umpteen experience in handling Cottage experiences, we make sure your stay with our best cottages will remain as the most comfortable experience ever!

Cottages in Kodaikanal For Group Stay

As human beings, we are meant to socialize, and that ultimately leads us to be in groups. When it is a vacation or a holiday, we do understand that it will really be great if your friends, friends’ families, all your family go to the same place, enjoy the same vibe, eat the same food. As most of our previous guests have preferred coming to a hill station in huge groups, we provide the most comfortable cottages in Kodaikanal that are big enough for group stays. Enjoy the true meaning of supremacy and comfort at our Kodaikanal Cottages.

Kodaikanal Groupstay Packages

Group Stay Rs.479

There are a variety of group tour available in Kodaikanal. These packages are a great way to explore the city and get a feel for the local culture. One of the most popular

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Kodaikanal Group Stay Packages

Group Stay Rs.750

If you are looking for a group stay in kodaikanal with breakfast, lunch and dinner, you might want to consider these tour. They are great for groups of up to 10 people.

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Kodaikanal Group Stay Packages

Group Stay Rs.499

Group stay is a tourist trend that has been growing in the recent years. Say, for instance, you are travelling with 8-10 people. You can easily get an affordable

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Kodaikanal Couple tour packages

1 Night and 2 Days Couple Tour

Kodaikanal is not just a hill station to enjoy your vacation. It has now become a place for both married and unmarried couples to enjoy their

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Sai Cottage Kodaikanal

2 Nights and 3 Days Couple Tour

Wear the smile which your partner gave you. To give and receive a better smile, do reach out to Kodaikanal. We guarantee you that every piece

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Bullz Wood House Kodaikanal

3 Nights and 4 Days Couple Tour

Get dwelled together in the freshness and aroma of tea estates in Kodaikanal. Enjoy complete privacy with our remotely located resorts and rooms.

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Blue Valley Cottage Kodaikanal

1 Night and 2 Days Honeymoon Tour

Most of your parents might have celebrated their honeymoon at Kodaikanal. Recreate the same memories now celebrating your honeymoon with your loved one with

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Sai Cottage Kodaikanal

2 Nights and 3 Days Honeymoon Tour

Kodaikanal has been one of the most preferred locations for post-wedding shoots and pre-wedding shoots. It has been termed as the most budget-friendly destination t

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Bullz Wood House Kodaikanal

3 Nights and 4 Days Honeymoon Tour

The Princess of Hill station welcoming your queen is always bliss. Whatever the trend changes, no matter how many new places become trendy for celebrating a honeymoon

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Woodlands cottages in kodaikanal

cottages in kodaikanal | kodaikanal cottages The Woodlands cottages in kodaikanal is everything that a traveler desires for his humble stay arrangements. This archaic resort is over 87 years old and was founded by the great visionary Shree K. Krishna Rao and has since then.

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Green Acres Resort details

Green Acres Resort, Kodaikanal is a perfect spot for travel to explore Resorts at their best. The warmth of hospitality and proximity to the best sightseeing spots at this scenic hill station, for example, Palani Hills and Kodaikanal Golf Club, make up for an unforgettable abode.

Honeymoon resorts in kodaikanal
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Elephant Valley Eco Farm Cottage in Kodaikanal

The Elephant Valley, Eco Farm Cottages in Kodaikanal is a stunning accommodation facility located over an area of 100 acres in the rich green environs of Palni Hills near Kodaikanal. The area around the resort is reputed for


That location has the biggest variety of cottages in Kodaikanal? Those spaces close to the lake popularly referred to as Kodaikanal lake area, Kurinji Temple space and areas around the bus stand have the biggest variety of cottages in Kodaikanal. it's owing to the explanation it's been extremely most popular by the families and company teams, faculty and faculties visits. it's the foremost suited kind of keep for cluster keep in Kodaikanal. you'll not be needed to rent a taxi or cab services to go to tourer or looking at places in Kodaikanal just in case you do not have a personal vehicle given that you book cottages close to the lake or bus stand. There square measure numerous choices to pay your days and nights unforgettable in those areas with the smallest amount attainable budget. This conjointly saves cash which might be spent for taxis and cab services. To book cottages in Kodaikanal in extremely well-liked areas, do provides a visit to the subsequent website. the foremost snug and customizable cottages square measure offered on this web site https://www.cottageskodaikanal.com/

When it involves cottages in Kodaikanal, it's the most affordable, simplest and best kind of keep when put next to hotels, inns and resorts. The cottages in Kodaikanal are engineered with a spread of themes and supply nice welcome services. you may ne'er want you're on a vacation and have rented that exact bungalow in Kodaikanal, rather you're feeling most snug and safe and you only feel it as a home aloof from your house. the worth of cottages in Kodaikanal varies from five hundred INR/day to 2500 INR/day relying upon the demand, facilities and site. you'll be able to even request the homeowners for a balefire, bbq setup and numerous alternative amenities. to urge additional details concerning cottages in Kodaikanal, do contact 7502345777 at any time within the day.

There are numerous cottages placed within the areas concerning the lake facet, bus stand, silver falls and high locations that are extremely well worth the cash. just in case you're a nature lover and would love to pay your holidays in one among the attractive and ancient villages of Asian nation, there are monumental endearing villages concerning the hill town of Kodaikanal like Mannavannur, Vilpatti, Vattakanal, etc.. that conjointly has cottages of vintage vogue. Some cottages even have wells and in fact you'll love the design of our long-forgotten ancestors. the most effective budget cottages in KodaikanalSai cottages, antibody Cottages, Woodhouse bungalow, etc that are listed within the following web site. Do spare your time and look into for a lot of details.

In case you are reaching Kodaikanal with your family, my first choice would be a cottages in Kodaikanal located near bus stand or near lake. Personal advice is stay within the main centre of the city. It is because everything will be easily accessible and available in case of any emergency situations if we choose to stay in the heart of the town. There are so many private villas available at lowest price in Kodaikanal for making your stay more memorable and beautiful. You can also book cottages with kitchen where self-cooking is allowed so that you can cook your own food at any time. Even if you want to spend the entire time with your family, no issues, you can order from our restaurants and enjoy the food. The cottages which offer the perfect homestays are Arul Cottage, Blossom Cottage, Green Hill Cottage, Stone Cottage, etc.. Do visit the following website for more details. www.cottageskodaikanal.com

Kodaikanal always welcomes you with serene beauty, welcoming climate and heart soothing atmosphere. You can choose to stay near the lakeside as you can enjoy the lake view, city center, etc..or also you can prefer to stay near to the falls as your morning baths can be the best. Most hotels, cottages and rooms in Kodaikanal are located nearer to the lake side or near bus stand as it is highly preferred by families and couples who would like to spend cozy nights and days with all high-class facilities. You can also choose to stay in cute little villages near the main town of Kodaikanal like the beautiful villages of Vattakanal, Vilpatti, Kookal, Vellagavi, Poombarai, etc..which will welcome you with authentic and vintage homestays in Kodaikanal. They are extremely beautiful and have the most adorable cottages in Kodaikanal. Most of the cottages and homestays in Kodaikanal offer the most affordable price with a fire camp. It is highly preferred by travelers who love exploring the unexplored villages of India and camping groups. To explore the purpose of life, stay at Kodaikanal under the protection of hills and mountain ranges. To book your memorable trip, visit https://cottageskodaikanal.com/They offer all sorts of stay in Kodaikanal and are highly affordable. Have a happiest journey!!